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AM – Anna Mills250 EUR

In designing the type for this clock Anna Mills wanted to capture the feeling of the fluidity of time, how it can feel bendy and irregular despite being a measured thing. To translate this into type she sketched up organic and erratic curves that meander and cut corners like a river.

Designers Anna Mills has been working as a designer in Bristol, UK, since graduating from the Graphic Design course at UWE in 2019. Her typographic work usually has an anthropomorphic element to it; she likes to explore the personality of individual characters and usually „can’t resist animating the letters“ she draws. Her approach to type is pretty loose and illustrative and I like to use mainly analogue techniques. Anna Mills says about her her work as a freelancer „it makes me feel slightly out of sync with the rest of the world - as though the rhythm of my day is slightly off. Time often slips slowly past me in the day, then rushes round my head as I sit at my desk finally having a burst of design energy at 11pm.“
materialCeramics, Made in Germany
size28,5cm Diameter
clockworkJunghans, quartz, hour & minute
Limited Edition