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GT – Grilli Type250 EUR

The idea behind the watch is to play with the high-value object, meme culture, and a typeface whose appearance jumps back and forth between playful characters and abstract graphic shapes. Grilli Type have deliberately avoided the design of numbers because they see the watch, as it is produced, as an object and carrier for type.

Designers Noël Leu and Thierry Blancpain founded Grilli Type in Switzerland in late 2009 as a collaborative avenue for working with other designers. Although the foundry is based in Lucerne, we’re active on a global scale. Thierry now lives in New York City, and Noël travels extensively, ricocheting between East Asia, North America, and Europe. The studio now numbers eight, with colleagues dispersed across the globe. But just because we’re Swiss doesn’t mean we’re neutral. We make type with a point of view, type that conveys meaning beyond the words it spells out. It also transcends technical excellence, which we consider a given—after all, if our type didn’t read and perform well in a wide range of challenging environments, we wouldn’t be doing our job. What matters to us is this: What story does a typeface tell? What kind of personality does it have?
materialCeramics, Made in Germany
size28,5cm Diameter
clockworkJunghans, quartz, hour & minute
Limited Edition